Pharmacy Career Opportunities

The Overwaitea Food Group (OFG) proudly provides professional, patient-centred care through more than 80 pharmacies across BC and Alberta. We’re a leading-edge food and consumer goods retailer known for our belief that well-being is about prevention, not just intervention. And thanks to the breadth and depth of our well-established health related offerings, our pharmacists are in a unique position to counsel clients about nutrition and wellness.

At OFG, we're committed to fostering a work environment that encourages personal growth, training and career opportunities and provide continuous learning in the following areas:
• Disease state management
• Patient counselling
• Leadership development
• Industry best practices
• Information and trends related to new medication therapies

We offer an attractive compensation package and our extensive benefits package for full-time pharmacists, pharmacy students/assistants is one of the industry’s finest. Learn more about what we have to offer.

Or contact one of our pharmacy regional managers for more information:

Gary Go, BSC. Bio, BSc. Pharm
Regional Manager of Pharmacy Operations
Phone: (604) 881-3302
Fax: (604) 882-7896

Sammy Lee, BSc. Pharm
Regional Manager, Pharmacy Operations

Phone: (604) 881-3988
Fax: (604) 882-7896

Denise Nilsen, BSc. Pharm
Regional Manager of Pharmacy Operations
Phone: (780) 484-4251
Fax: (780) 484-1680

Raymond Jay, BSc. Pharm
Regional Manager, Pharmacies
Phone: (604) 881 3367
Fax: (604) 882 7896


Pharmacy Operations
Overwaitea Food Group
PO Box 7200 Vancouver BC V6B 4E4
Fax: (604) 882-7896